El Colectivo Sur is a collective based in New York City with the mission to increase public awareness of South American arts throughout the world, expand its definition to embrace contemporary and experimental works and trends, and bring together diverse communities through the arts. 

The members of El Colectivo Sur are artists and arts professionals who bring to the table a diverse array of knowledge, skills and experience, including music project design and curation, festival production and arts management. El Colectivo Sur strives to realize its mission by engaging in partnerships with international artists, collectives and organizations, producing and curating cultural events throughout the year, and promoting the development of opportunities for artistic creation and cultural and musical exchanges.

The NYC South American Music Festival, El Colectivo Sur’s flagship program, celebrates the diversity of South American music by presenting in New York City an exciting array of musicians who have blurred the boundaries between their musical cultures and carved out a renovated identity of the South American diaspora. 

In line with El Colectivo Sur’s mission, The NYC South American Music Festival highlights a new and innovative music scene: music rooted in the folklores of various countries of the region, as they borrow from each other and meet with styles from all around the globe including pop, rock, jazz and world music.

Since its inception in 2013, the NYC South American Music Festival has received increased mainstream press and television coverage and has consistently exceeded attendance expectations, including among its audience an overwhelming number of national and international arts presenters attending the APAP NYC conference. 

In addition to the NYC South American Music Festival, El Colectivo Sur curates and produces concerts and showcases during the year featuring local and international artists in prominent New York City stages.



El Colectivo Sur's latest event:


An Evening of Duos with Three Argentine voices singing out loud:


El Colectivo Sur is back for a new collaborative event, this time at Subrosa NYC, a new venue owned by the Blue Note and billing themselves as “a new creative hub for eclectic music, with an emphasis on Latin and world music”. This event, taking place on  Saturday, May 9, 2015, will feature three duos lead by outstanding Argentine voices at the forefront of the jazz/world music scene: Sofia Rei, Sofia Tosello and Roxana Amed.


May 9, 2015
63 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 
Event info: 917-547-3640
Sets at 8 PM & 10 PM
Entrance: $20
Tickets HERE


Roxana Amed: vocals
Frank Carlberg: piano


Sofia Rei: vocals, charango
Jorge Roeder: upright bass


Sofia Tosello: vocals
Franco Pinna: drums, percussion
Special guest: Yuri Juarez: guitar


About Roxana Amed:
Born in Buenos Aires, vocalist and songwriter, recording artist Roxana Amed is a strong reference of Argentine original vocal jazz, well known for her jazzy sound for poetry in Spanish. Amed also takes Argentine music, folk and rock to the jazz language and sound, paying tribute to Argentine authors. Her sixth album, La sombra de su sombra –nominated for a Gardel Award in Argentina, was a special project with pianist and composer located in NY, Frank Carlberg, who wrote music for poems by Alejandra Pizarnik, one of the most important poets in Argentina and in Spanish language. For this special concert this unique duo will include some music from this work and also Argentine songs. roxana-amed.com


About Sofia Tosello:
Sofia Tosello’s music is rooted in the variety of Latin American cancion traditions, including tango, chacarera, bolero filin, son, zamba and Brazilian popular music, with shades of jazz and a bit of funk. Sofia has released two albums of her own and performed and recorded with talented and renown musicians such as, Grammy Winner Thalia, Grammy Nominee Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra, Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandez, Guillermo Klein, Aquiles Baez and more. sofiatosello.com


About Sofia Rei:
Argentine vocalist, songwriter and producer Sofía Rei is considered one of the most passionate, charismatic and inventive musicians on the current New York music scene. Her music explores connections between the various traditions of South American folklore, jazz and electronic sounds. Building on the success of her Independent Music Award-winning second release Sube Azul (World Village-Harmonia Mundi), Sofia returns with the spellbinding De Tierra Y Oro (“Of Earth and Gold”), described as a series of “philosophical wanderings”. She continues to set herself apart with a bold new vision in the global music scene. sofiamusic.com



Excerpts from: Juancho Herrera and C4 Trío at Joe's Pub Sept 25, 2014
with guests Sofia Rei y Sofia Tosello 

Excerpts from: Sofia Rei and Aca Seca at Joe's Pub May 29, 2014
with guests Sofia Tosello y Juancho Herrera

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