Lilihouse Agency is an artist management and music business consulting agency based in New York City representing musicians in Latin and world music, jazz, neo-soul, electronic, and all fusions thereof. Our representation varies from full management to project-based consulting, or record business administration for artists and record companies (as detailed below). At this time the agency is not taking on new management clients.



Lilihouse Agency was founded by Aurelie Brambilla-Cotugno, built in small steps since 2000 and incorporated in 2010. While managing the independent record label Wave Music since 1995, she started independent work for artists and small labels, handling their business and legal needs such as contract drafting, negotiation and royalty statement preparation.

In 2008, with international DJ and Wave Music owner François Kevorkian, she co-founded Forward Management, a DJ booking agency initially a roster of other DJs but currently focusing on him, Francois K.

In 2012 Aurelie obtained a Certificate in Arts Administration from New York University (NYU).

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